Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Derby Week

Hard to believe, but the first Saturday in May is already upon us!  This Saturday will mark the 133rd running of the Kentucky Derby, and there's no better time to be in Louisville than during Derby Week.

Dust in the Wind

I'll be at the track tomorrow (and possibly Friday as well).   Tomorrow is the Festival in the Field, where a big stage is set up in the infield.  What better way to enjoy a day of racing then to hang out with friends, knock back a mint julep or two, and enjoy some live music.  Previous year's bands have included SilverLoop and The Violent Femmes.  This year's blast from the past is none other than Kansas - so Carry On, My Wayward Son.

Saturday = Derby Parties

Friday is Oaks Day at the Downs.  Oaks is a big day of racing, and a day of huge crowds at the track.  This is my favorite day at the infield - the crowd is (just a little) tamer than on Derby day, but big and raucous enough for everybody to have a good time.

I won't be at the track for Derby this year.  Instead, I'll be making the rounds of Derby parties.  Usually I attend one or possibly two parties, but this year I have three good friends that are hosting parties plus my grandparents have invited everyone out.  Sounds like Saturday is going to be quite busy for me.  No matter, though - I can recover on Sunday!

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