Thursday, June 07, 2007

PMP Update

Wow.  Don't ever let anybody tell you that getting a PMP Certification is easy!  I've finally completed and submitted my application and resume, and I've received an email that says I'm now allowed to pay for the exam.  Not take the exam, mind you - just pay for it.  After I submit my payment PMI has the option to audit my application, which I'm told can take a while.  I still plan on getting this completed by mid-summer though, so hopefully they'll pass on that option and allow me to go ahead and schedule the exam.

Now the studying begins!  Truthfully I'm not really that worried about the exam.  I took a certification prep course earlier this year, and I've been around project management for many moons, so I'm sure I'll do fine.  I'm more excited about finally accomplishing this goal than I am nervous about taking the test.  Anyway, stay tuned and I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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