Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back in the Game

Wow, it's been a while.  Welcome back to the Journal This! blog.  It's been quite some time since I've posted here, and quite a few things have changed - as you can well imagine.  I'll fill you in on a little bit in this post, and then close some more gaps in future posts.  In addition, I've decided to focus this blog a little more on a topic that's pretty important to me.  Stay tuned for details.

I haven't been totally absent from the blogging scene, I've been posting at my poker blog Cracked Aces.  Unfortunately, I don't have too much to say on that blog any longer.  Online poker has been a relaxing (and quite profitable) hobby of mine for a few years and I've deeply enjoyed playing and writing about it.  Unfortunately, Big Brother has declared that I don't have the right to use my leisure time and disposable income as I see fit.  So, for now, I've said good bye to online poker. 

Over the last month or two that I've not been playing poker, I've picked up a much more nefarious habit - World of Warcraft.   Funny how thing change, eh?  I used to spend an hour or two a night playing poker and being rewarded with a couple hundred dollars a month of extra scratch and some nice swag.   Now I spend far more time online getting lost in and around Azeroth, and get to pay $15 a month for the privilege.

OK, that's enough for now - I don't want to bore you to death.  Welcome back - I'm looking forward to rekindling the conversation.

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