Thursday, March 03, 2005

Disney World Planning

I've officially begun planning for the long delayed family trip to Walt Disney World. It's a little overwhelming right now trying to get my head around all of the options - fly or drive, stay on property or off (sub-choice: hotel or house rental), spend all of the time in Disney World or hit Universal or SeaWorld or Busch Gardens? We have 5 people in the family which really limits our on property options at Disney World - we can't stay at any of the value resorts and Port Orleans Riverside is the only moderate resort that can accommodate 5. Complicating matters a little further is the possibility of travelling with some friends of ours (they have a family of 6). Am I the only one that finds it odd that Disney World - the ultimate family vacation destination - has such limited options for bigger families?

I've never used a travel agent before, since I've not had any problems doing research online and deciding where I want to go and how to get there. This time may be an exception. Of course that brings up another choice - should I use a local all-purpose travel agent that I can go to and sit in their office or should I use one of the online Disney specialist travel agents? I've looked at a couple of these, namely and Both of these sites look like they have a great deal of Disney related expertise and can probably do a good job for me.

I'm sure that in the end it will all come together nicely. Does anyone have any helpful advice for me?

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